Putting on glasses.

You know the first time you put on glasses?

If you have suffered from short sightedness, you would know what it feels like. No matter how old you were when you first got them. You can’t ever forget the way the trees were suddenly not just green blobs, and the leaves were sharp and defined and had outlines! When you could see that your crush did not have perfect skin and you could read what the teacher was writing on the board without having to peek in your neighbour’s notebook. Or when you wake up in the morning and realise that there is something missing. The world is unclear.

The world, it has no outlines.

And then you get the glasses. You know what colors really look like. What it means to really see.
That’s what being married to the person you love is like. You have glasses, and if you’re lucky, they’re rose-tinted and the world is perfect. Just perfect.


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