Falling. Or flying?

Falling in love is a complicated phrase.

Falling itself is a complicated thing.
It includes a loss of control across so many dimensions. Sometimes it’s your fault,  sometimes it’s the ground’s.  And either way,  it hurts.
Maybe that’s why flying is described by some genius as the art of missing the ground.
So why do we use this metaphor for love? It is supposed to be an uplifting feeling,  something which takes you out of yourself. Makes you a better person,  takes you a notch above. Basically everything which is not associated with bruised knees and broken bones. Then why have we,  as humans,  decided to equate love with so much hurt. It’s an ironical humor which you wouldn’t really associate with people who are willing to kill others over their choice of imaginary apocalypse causes. Maybe it’s because falling voluntarily is the ultimate way we can show trust. And what is love,  but an absolute trust in someone else’s ability,  yet unwillingness to hurt us.
Ability and will. These are the two variables of trust. The ability to stand,  yet the willingness to fall. That’s all that sets one relationship apart from the other.



  1. dashingdeep · December 17, 2014

    So true

  2. First Rain · January 28, 2015

    Falling, so she can catch me,
    Falling, so she can break my fall,
    Falling, so she can match me,
    Falling, so she can hear me call,

    her name,
    one last time.

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