The nutshell generation.

I had 140 characters to say this in, and I said ‘If it’s worth writing about, write it in detail. Lists are stupid.

Then I decided to take my own advice. To do this, I had to sacrifice looking at 10 ways in which Jennifer Lawrence is better than sliced bread, 21 characteristics of a extroverted people who are really introverts and a cat video which would have changed my life in two minutes. But I decided to go ahead anyway.

What is it about this generation, our generation, which makes us so averse to consuming any content which will take us more than a minute to buffer?

Is it the fact that we are reared on a diet of character limitations and literally no encouragement for free thinking?

Is it the fact that the fluff content is much easier to churn out than in depth, actually thought through stuff?

Is it the fact that the shelf life of content is shrinking everyday, and evergreen content is more ubiquitous than useful ?

Is it the fact that we do not have the time to consume more than two-three minutes of content before we have to compulsorily move to another screen?

Or, is it the fact that we are just satisfied way more easily than a generation which has had our opportunities should be?

I’m trying not to be preachy, but it’s hard when I see people talking about Buzzfeed as a great model and news organizations have started Upworthying their headlines and the fourth estate has lost all credibility in the race for share of deafening voice.

It might have been funny if we were trying to make a list of the 10 most stupid things human kind has done for itself. This would have been right up there with discovering the atomic bomb and ignoring global warming.

But it’s not. Our generation has turned into one which does not want to read  anything more than well framed sentence, preferably funny or watch anything more than two minutes long, preferably with cats included.

We have thrown peanutshells and collected a bunch of monkeys.

Spent millions of years, evolving towards a circle.







  1. venus kuiya · September 5, 2014

    Don’t you find so much content overwhelming enough to consume? This is not to say that this mode of consumption is infact good fun & informative, but how long could this continue? 

    ​ Venus Kuiya

    Sent on the go, please excuse the brevity and typos.

    (c): 98199 61114

  2. veryhighsenberg · September 6, 2014

    Buzzfeed was once a research initiative learning how content went viral on the internet and I must say they had sharp observations and innovative mind and now they have very smartly implemented their findings. Many others then just joined the bandwagon of publishing listicles in the lust of gaining popularity.
    I guess the original idea (and the reason why things went viral) must have been of catering the readers with a comprehensive content within a small number of pixels of the screen and within few ticks of the clock. So the “nutshell articles” felt like a high energy density food- just enough nutrition and no clutter. (These, in fact are high information density articles, if you like to call them so!). But over the time, the purpose has morphed from serving, as you said- fun and interesting information to again, as you said- sh*t like 10 ways in which Jennifer Lawrence is better than sliced bread and pet videos. Target audience is generally achieved through social media, mostly Facebook, and we all lovve our Fb friends, don’t we? Our screenshots folder is filled with demonstrations of their intelligence, so I guess it will take a while untill all the objects are classifieds under all the possible titles and ranked, 5,21 or 37 reasons for doing every thing or going every where or ing every are listed down. Or may be an apocalypse will do the job!

    P.S . I liked your views and your way of expressing them.
    Came here from an RT on my TL.

    • Worder Woman · September 6, 2014

      Hey. That’s a very interesting perspective. Love the term ‘high information density’ – that is literally the Holy grail of content. Would love to talk more about this. how do I get in touch with you? (twiiter?)

      • veryhighsenberg · September 6, 2014

        Thanks! And would love to talk more on this. It’s @VeryHighsenberg on twitter.

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