Loneliness is like water. 

Rather, aloneness is like water. 

Loneliness has such a negative ring to it. Like being by yourself is a curse and because man is a social animal it is imperative for us to be forever in touching distance of another human being. Like coupling of any kind, procreational or otherwise, is the only reason we were put on this earth. Aloneness is so much softer. A shadow world, where you can be yourself. You reach there only after attaining a certain level of comfort with yourself. Not yourself in the scratch-your-crotch-and-fart-without-fear-of-being-judged,  but yourself in the way you are when you come in from the sun on a hot day, take off most of your clothes and have a chilled glass of water. The moment you say AH! That is you alone.

You know that phrase ‘taking the air’?  It means going out,  meeting people, being social. For a person like me, being social is like being a fish who’s being made to take an airing. It’s fine for a bit. But soon, very soon, there is too much of it and I can’t breathe and would you please drop me back in the water so that I won’t be so very cold and miserable?  

My aloneness is my ocean. It has its warm currents and terrible storms,  but I don’t have to share it with anyone. 

Air is claustrophobic. 


One comment

  1. Merkin Mandrake · August 20, 2014

    Nicely poetic of you. If I could add to that.
    Being alone is comforting, cause I am left in the best company I could ever find. I don’t have to pretend to be nice or interesting, cause my company will accept me for who I am. Cause it knows me inside out; from my glistening strengths to my darkest faults. Maybe because it was a willing accessory to all of it. Together we exist in our own little selfish place, all alone, peaceful and quietly relaxing.

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