People talk.

People talk about other people with such relish.

Relish is an awkward word. I associate it with mom’s cooking and long forgotten music and things that make me happy. Like that old ad with the kid saying ‘jalebi’. It’s a close emotion. Of happiness. Of joy.

Not of glee. An unholy glee. That is how people talk of other people. They look around, make sure nobody else is listening. Or if they like crowds, then they make sure the crowd is listening, rapt. Then  like a snake shedding its skin they let go of the secret. Like a dirty, slimy process which either needs an interested audience or secrecy to make pure. It’s validation. Either it’s just me who knows , or everyone else is interested in it. Like this was a trophy you had, to show off. People talk without remorse. Without kindness. Without basic decency. They talk to kill. Like troops in enemy country facing the hostile unknown. But see, it’s not unknown here. They know the people they are hurting. Like in the rush of making your thoughts known, you did not pause a second and think how much it might hurt. It’s all well and good to shrug it off, and say nonchalantly ‘people talk’. But what of the people talked about? What about the subject, so to speak.

What about the people that people hurt?


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