Process Flows

To work or not work?

It’s a easy enough decision and I fail to understand why people struggle with it. If you have a job, do it. If you don’t want to do it, leave. I believe in market forces and the fitting of pegs to holes they belong in. You will not have a shitty job if you don’t deserve a shitty job. There is no two ways about it. People who blame their luck, bad career decisions and bosses from hell often don’t look at the common thread that runs through all those circumstances – themselves. I know that coincidence does not lead to causality, but there is such a thing as common sense. If you are having trouble at too many places, then you’re the trouble. It’s simple enough to be good at your job. You literally need only two things – pride in what you do and the need to do it better all the time. They are both related and dependent on each other and drive everything else about your job. If you have any kind of insecurity, the system (whether it be a corporate behemoth or a 5 people start up) will overpower you and leave you a dissatisfied shell of a worker. A parasite on the organization. And if you are good at it, being a shell I mean, you will spread that disease to people in your span of control. But on the other hand, if you genuinely like being good at what you do, you will be good. If not in one job than in the other, but none of those circumstances will stop you. You might even let others do their work and imagine what the process will be like when there are no artificial bottlenecks.

Try it. Shut up and be productive. 


One comment

  1. samudranb · April 18, 2014

    “You literally need only two things – pride in what you do and the need to do it better all the time.”

    These literally are the most uncommon traits in employees. If you find one with these qualities, keep them around at whatever cost.

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