Have you ever been to a ‘holy place’? If you are currently living, or have lived with family, or have actually travelled relatively even a little bit across this country, chances are that you have gone to a ‘holy place’ to pay homage. And if you have, you would know that is nothing holy about these places. They are, to not mince words, filthy. They have the offal and garbage of millions of travelers from across the nation, and a smell which is a mixture of one part opportunism, one part devotion and most parts carrion.

Tell me, if you were a god, would you choose to live in a place like that?

Why should we be proud of having visited these places?  Why should they be on my bucket list? You know the places I would like to visit? The ones where I was happy. Recently I went back to a neighborhood  which has given me some of my happiest moments. I walked around for about an hour, brought frozen yogurt, sat at the beach and stared at the sea. Did all the things I used to with a long forgotten love, and I was happy. I walked into that place and found peace, even if it was only an hour. That is more than could be said of most of these aforementioned godly abodes. If I had to define pilgrimage, it would be a journey which makes me learn, makes me grow, and makes me happy. I would rather do that with fond memories and joyous tears and solitude than with bone crushing crowds and snatched moments of prayer.

 I would rather worship my relationships, and I would rather light a figurative candle in thanks. 



  1. That Old Wine · January 12, 2014

    Stumbled on you page by chance and happened to read this post of yours. Can’t agree with what you’ve said before. Waiting in the queue for hours in the heat with sweat flowing down every place imaginable only to get a glimpse of the ‘deity’ amidst shouts of the guards to move on… where is devotion in that, I ask you!
    Lovely place you’ve got here, btw 🙂

    • redchappals · January 13, 2014

      Thank you so much! 😀

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