They say that distance makes the heart grow fonder. What they don’t tell you is that distance also makes the heart grow stronger. Spend a day away from life. Spend a week. And when you spend forty eight hours in the back seat of a car with just you and your thoughts and the presence of a few strangers around you, you realize the importance of distance. Things which you thought you couldn’t live without – work, love and such, recede into the background. And if you bend your mind to it, they don’t even intrude every hour or so, like they used to. In a day or two, you get used to the silence. And in another day or two, the solitude grows on you. And after this when you make that much dreaded call to the person you thought you could not live without, you find that you can. That voice does not thrill as much, the messages do not mean as much and unfortunately, your grievances refuse to get lighter by just sharing. You stop trying to find the meaning of life, in as much as you stop trying to breathe at 18000 feet, because it hurts more than it helps. You see people eking out a life with a few glove sales and the milk off a really hairy cow and the entire continuum of your hurts turns into a black and white question of life and no life. And no life is so much better. Because what is life if not a mere struggle and what is no life if constant movement? If you do not stay long enough, you will not hurt. If you stay away long enough, it will stop hurting. Distance, it makes the heart grow stronger.


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  1. SAK · December 21, 2013

    and makes you want to look out too 🙂

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