Breaking free.

One year, and a lifetime.

The only and most important lesson – Learning to walk away.

I have been raised conservatively. I have been raised as a child who is seen, not heard. A child who would never amount to anything. A child who settled, because the present was the best it was ever going to get.

And then one day, I grew up. Faced the fear of being rejected, of being not good enough and got the fuck out of a bunch of self-flagellating shit.

It’s another matter that I went back to some of them. Old habits die hard. But at the end of a year of about a century of growing old – the one thing I’m taking away, quite literally, is my self respect.

I made mistakes. I got out of them.

I was hurt. I got my revenge.

I was being imposed upon. I pushed back.

Above all, I learnt to start saying no.

It could have gone worse.


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