I had a fall once.

Pride was there before it.

Now there is just want.

We had a fight yesterday, and I had to tell you things.

Those little truths I hide within? The ones you call my secrets, those little contentions we have.

You know I tell you everything, and you’re bare to your bones.

You know we are made of the same stuff, some iron and rocks mixed with lots of fairy dust.

So, when you were angry yesterday, and we thought of going our separate ways, there was another fight going on at the back.

A quick little tussle, between my heart and my head.

Lasted around two minutes, as you well know.

The time between my last brave declaration and my next text to you.

My heart made me cry out “Stay.”

My head, with the ghost of long-forgotten pride added, “I’m just used to the company.”

(We all know how hard habit drives desire.)


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