The unsafe network

As I write this, I am sitting in a train headed to Ahmedabad. Rather, in a train which will eventually head to Ahmedabad but is currently at Mumbai Central – a station aptly named, because it is literally in the heart of the city. The reason I have my laptop out and I’m typing this is because I’m so mad I might actually hurt someone if I don’t vent it out. And the simple reason for this extreme rage is the fact that my phone is currently dead. It’s not dead because it’s run out of battery or because it is not working – it’s dead because (Insert Big Telecom Name) India has decided that they do not really need to adhere to the whole ‘following us everywhere’ marketing gimmick. They think that providing service around 90% of the times is A-OK. I don’t blame them. That is a pretty good service standard by any industry. But unfortunately dear (Insert Big Telecom Name) , it is not always A-OK for a single girl in this teeming metropolis to  have her phone working only about 90% of the times.

I’ll tell you why.

When I am coming back home at night, at around 1 and just when the cab is on a lonely stretch I see that my phone has absolutely no signal, can you imagine the five minutes of heart pounding terror that I have to go through, before it comes on again? (And don’t you dare ask me why am I outside the house at 1 anyway, because I’m sure as hell not asking for anything.)

When my mother (who is in Ahmedabad) tries to call me to see if I am on the train safely, and gets an ‘out of service’ message for half an hour at an stretch, can you imagine the number of thoughts that have gone through her mind in that space of time?

When I have an accident at home, and I urgently need a friend to come over and help, I might not be able to wait for your signal to come back on again. For all I know, I might have passed out due to blood loss by then.

I can list out about a hundred such daily situations, but I’m sure you get the point.

So (Insert Big Telecom Name) , if you have learnt anything from the recent spate of news in this country, and if you really want to do your bit towards female safety, for god’s sake, raise your standard of service.



  1. Anitha · October 9, 2013

    Completely endorse your views. But, did you try reaching out to their customer care and report the problem? I had similar issue in the place where I stayed and a call to the customer care sorted it out.

  2. Ananya · January 28, 2014

    COme on…. dont you know that they’d rather spend on putting cute little pugs on TV than on puttingup more cell towers?

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