I think I suffer from OCD. The very slight type which makes me agonize over alignment and arrange things so that they are perfectly balanced and of the same shape and size or an order of some kind. Or the kind that makes me clean the other ear as well, even though only one itches because, well, they must be balanced. It’s my slightly crazy.

I guess I’m really sensitive to balance. Most of us are, as children. We learn to discern partiality at an early age. I’m assuming our survival as a race might have depended at some point on figuring out whom mommy love best.

So, it’s not a bad thing. This hankering after balance.

Another way OCD manifests itself is in the ordering of words. In sentences, in phrases, in tweets and in the order of importance. If I had to rate epithets in increasing order of my lack of respect for a person (a bit muddled up that sentence is no?) – I think I would start with stupid. Not that I am extremely smart or any such misconception. It’s just an extremely human reaction to those who, to quote Plum, were probably dropped on their head as a child. (Oh my, I must watch this hubris of mine).

Next would be the cruel ones. The ones who hurt others for no reason, especially others who can’t fight back. Craven bullies. I knew one such. Thankfully, no more.

And then, the cheaters. The unfair ones. The ones who offend my sense of right. I’m not saying they are wrong. They are just slightly tilted. I’m also not saying that I’m not one of them. It’s just that it’s easier to sit in judgment than be judged. Being unfair is an utterly human offense. It’s also an unpardonable one. Especially because it’s an easy fault to find. And an easy fault to give in to. Hence, no respect.


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