The hot male.

A few days back, I asked a friend a question : “Are any women overtly sexual?”

This was a free and frank conversation and this was a guy who would answer questions frankly, so he said it: “Of course there are. Plenty.”

Leaving aside the fact that I was slightly disturbed by how pat that ‘plenty’ was, I was genuinely surprised. I shouldn’t have been. I have a lot of sexually emancipated women as friends (I will refrain from calling myself one, because well, modesty). And all of these women talk about sex in no uncertain terms. It’s fun talk, and we like talking about it. No shame in it.

But my question was more about the expression of this sexuality. We women will gossip about lengths, girth, technique and body hair, but are we open enough to whistle at a man just because he looks quite ‘doable’? Or rather, do him, because he is doable and nothing more.

That was my question. Would you look at a man purely as a lust-worthy item?

Is the male of the species, in some cases, deadlier than the female?



  1. G · May 28, 2013

    not all emancipated women gossip. some are blissfully illiterate. not their topic of interest. coz he is not a topic. his deadliness is respected. revered even. handled with care. strength doesn’t exclude soft. he is who he is doesnt need promoting. he loves his silence coz no one knows him nor they ever can. she knows that. and she knows he’s hot. hottest. is this frank enough? or should we make it more Immodest. Right here. Full on.

  2. G · May 28, 2013

    Lustworthy yes. very. extreme. all that light pouring through his pores. all that love that throbs. Try gossiping about that. U’ll drown in your own shame. And he’ll just smile. Or pass you by. Total lust object. Sweetest spice in the global market. Ouch. Fingers burnt!

    • redchappals · May 28, 2013

      You write like Linda Goodman. Similar styles. Also, thanks for being all poetic about it, but you conveniently ignored the point I was trying to make. It’s not about how awesome or magical the guy is. It’s about women being okay with being ‘sexual’ beings without facing any sort of shame. You just told me that some women/men still think that it’s shameful to talk about. I didn’t ask for the lurid details so nothing ‘full on’ required. Also, you make no sense.

      • G · May 30, 2013

        Your presumption of Lurid makes you so Sexually Liberated! Requires common sense to see. Women/men are beings (particularly the nicer ones) and ‘sexuality’ is an expression – one of the expressions, albeit a more all-consuming, total one – of the being. And expression is what your quandary was about? Awesome or magical she or he may be but so must be her/his sense about the use/deployment of that sorcery! Linda Goodman is a good woman girlyyy.
        Btw, I like your writings too, though the Depression could be done away with now (just my stargazing prophecy for you dear child). Poetry flows in our veins. Sinister.

  3. Puneeta · December 28, 2013

    are we open enough to whistle at a man just because he looks quite ‘doable’?

    Or rather, do him, because he is doable and nothing more.

    There are certain times and certain men about whom all one needs is that they are doable and one is in the mood to just , well, do. But its not always so- sometimes an eminently doable man can start talking and the mood flies out of the window… which is why asking the barman to get the bill soon is a skill that everyone must invest in! 😀

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