Dearest Heart.

I write to you through a haze. We have been through a lot, you and I. There were years when we had no hope. When I had given up on life, and you on love. There were times we both gave up, and there was distance when you chose to leave me and be with someone else. To be dependent on others, that was the worst punishment you could have ever given me. But I always knew you would come back. Call it pessimism or realism, I knew mere love could never keep you from me.

We have been through a lot, you and I, for just an emotion to come between us.

I always knew, and it was because I knew myself, that you would come back. Weary and lost, but you would be mine again

And that is why it hurt all the more, when you decided to leave some months past, and I see no hope of retrieving you.

You have been a fickle mistress indeed.

I hope you are happy with him. That paragon you have chosen to stay with, leaving me prone and weak, and utterly at your mercy. He does not need you at all, and I find I cannot survive without you.

I never knew we would come to this pass. Where to talk to you, I would need to go through another.

I know I should have been gentle with you, and I would apologize now if I could. For all the breaking and misuse. We treat what is ours much more cruelly than we treat others. I know I drove you away, and now you have your revenge.

But this is where you belong, not with someone else.

Even while I went through my worst, I always could tell myself “At least I have my heart, at least that much is safe”.

Now that it is not true anymore, I see I should have valued you more.

Come back, dear heart, it is lonely without you. I promise not to break you anymore.



  1. Saransh · February 4, 2013

    It is a thing of heart…

    Leave rationality behind
    Keep your mind in mind
    Let the juice of love bind
    It is a thing of heart…

    Don’t regret any part
    Let every beat be a dart
    For once don’t be smart
    It is a thing of heart…

    Your tricks didn’t play
    You lost that day
    So it hurts April to May
    It is a thing of heart…

    There’s no secret to it
    Need to be eternally lit
    See through her, every bit
    It is a thing of heart…

    Elixir of life might lure
    Drink it if you’re sure
    Without her you’re still impure
    It is a thing of heart…

    Time will just walk away
    Just Say… Just Say…
    If you don’t get her, go pray
    It is a thing of heart…
    They say!

    It is a thing of heart…
    They say!

  2. theburningheart · March 23, 2013

    Oh, dear! You can keep your heart safe, but lonely. Happiness it is only possibly when you give your Heart away…

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