Mind over matter.

Take the ridiculous in your stride. Make it your own.

Laugh at it and create a joke.

And then if the world still asks you how you survived, tell them this:

“There are two gods and only two. One will tell you to lament and cry and pray and make you believe more in him than in yourself. That is also the God who will tell you that life is unfair and you should be prepared to be made a fool of.

Trust him. The last part is true. You will be made a fool of. In many and innovative new ways.

But don’t fall for the other stuff.

The second God will tell you to rejoice in being a fool. From foolish endeavours rise men of great caliber. Look at Columbus.

He will tell to take the joke and laugh at it, and believe that one day you will be the funnier one.”

Tell the world your God lets you laugh, hence, you don’t need to merely survive.

Tell the world to go to hell.


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