Giving up.

How does it matter if we gave up on forever. darling?

It was just a few more days.

You knew in your heart, as I did in mine,

That two such as us, were always wrong.

But caution talks in such hushed tones,

And I was always hard of hearing.

Except when it came to your words.

They are still on my soul,

Engraved with a rusty sword.

It leaves behind it a metallic taste,

As that of blood.

Licked off your cold fingers, with my thirsty lips.

It was a pin prick that did it, and yet,

Love always carries on like a wave.

It’s okay that we gave up.

We won’t be human otherwise.

Let us have it to be that moment of weakness,

And speak of it no more.

It’s too easy to talk of forever, darling

It’s  just a few more words.


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