Today, I woke up with my cat trying to take off my clothes. I swear. He’s even torn the sleeve a bit, just to make me cuddle him.

Yesterday an old woman gave me six bananas instead of the two I asked for. For the calcium. Her words.

Day before, I spent a Sunday feeding electral to a 900 gram kitten through a syringe, and watched his tiny yet incredibly big eyes dilate.

On Saturday, three women who did not owe me anything, made me believe in the goodness of people. (Thank you Supriya, Chandni and Ambarin.)

Friday evening was spent with another woman, who, pardon the Grey’s Anatomy reference, has the dubious distinction of being my person now. (Thank you, Sonali)

It hasn’t been all bad.

So,if you need me… I’ll be in the corner, making concussion jokes.


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  1. chandnigajria · November 6, 2012


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