Of unequalled respect.

For years and years, our parents kept railing at us and shouting, giving pearls of hard-earned wisdom, telling us things which no one else will ever bother to.

Obviously, ‘twas all in vain.

We never fail to point out to our parents the utter insignificance of their years.

But once you grow up and start to have a life which you are responsible for, it gets harder to ignore those grey hairs, especially since the world is bent on proving their wisdom to you. The universe conspires in providing that cosmic aha moment, the one when you finally call up your dad and say “Yes, you were right all along”.

Learning comes at a cost. When people say experience is the best teacher, they are misinforming you. What they should say is that loss is best teacher. People never experience a piece of luck and think “Ah! There is a lesson in there”.  They mostly need to lose stuff which they were happy with, in order to realize how happy they were. What a stupid race we are.

My dad has a saying, which roughly translated is – “People generally do not change their course because they see a ditch in the road. To learn, they need to fall in, measure and add a few shovelfuls.”

Today, I called him and told him how right he was. He just laughed.

Will I ever be that wise? I have little hope of that.

Come to think of it, he has always been right about everything. About my life, the choices I make, the mistakes I made, even the ones which have not yet turned out to be mistakes.

Such experience deserves respect. And a big problem with having a super-awesome dad is that you will never really respect anyone else in your entire life.

I was going to write about respect and how it is so easy to give it, and then lose it for someone.

All I could think about writing, was my dad. I must be homesick.


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