A pretty girl in beautiful black heels.

This is a story of disappointment. And everyone who has fallen in love with a pretty girl in heels would know what I am talking about.

They are a world onto themselves. With a different set of rules, and a different set of requirements..

And when you see them walk the earth, a strange feeling comes over you (Yes, you perverts, it includes girl on girl action), it is a feeling of want.

Not necessarily wanting *that* girl. She isn’t probably available anyway.

It is a feeling of wanting to be her.

You might be pretty. You might be smart, You might be everything that she is.

But she chose to pour all of it in a pair of black heels, and maybe a dress which shows just enough of her. And you did not.

This choice is all that counts.


One comment

  1. cosmicpriest · June 29, 2012

    Black High Heels == *Drool !! 😀

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