Social training is the same as teaching rats to press particular switches in a tiny cage, so that they get cheese.

We spend our entire lives learning about these delicious little switches in people which will get us our piece of cheese. (Clarification: Not talking about orgasms, yet.)

Everyone has buttons.

Some of us can see them a mile away and some of us need to employ seeing-eye dogs.

But since we are not rats in a cage, there are more than two buttons to press, and since the range of rewards is much more than a piece of cheese and much less substantial, we can afford to make an art out of it.

And such a fun art it is!

The thrust, the parry, the bandying of words and the obvious, ultimate goal – the ego massage.

The ego seems much like a penis- needing regular massages, swelling up and getting bigger in the company of women, and of course paining like hell when kicked.

And also, it gets chafed, when rubbed one too many times.

That is the most important lesson in this art of the mental orgasm.

There needs to be a judicious sprinkling of stimulus. There needs to be anticipation, there needs to be drama and there needs to be a story.

The ego needs to be seduced, she is not a paid lay.

(And my metaphors are too mixed now to have separate limbs. The beast with the two backs, it seems)

And these lessons are tough to learn. They are mostly thing you really want, things you have set your heart on and things which you need.

And they are lost because you push too many buttons, say one too many things.

Either learn to shut up in time, or learn to lose graciously.

There is no better teaching technique than deprivation.


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