I saw a dream die today.

It was a wondrous sight.

There was a tiny crack, a slight sigh, and a little redness.

Then some tears and that was it.

Death came so soon, it was barely worth the living of it.


I saw it in his eyes, and I wish it was reflected in mine.

This dull, sparkle-less sight that I have.

I wish it would have seen the same pain.


But, no.

I just kept repeating a litany, and he finally understood.

Oh! The relief.

He finally understood.

And I stood and cried with the relief, till I thought it was my heart which had broken.


But, no.

Mine was intact. It had always been.

I broke his heart, and I shall pay the price.


On a slightly off-topic note, isn’t it wonderful that I sit here thinking of my karma, while he walks the streets alone?

It’s fitting that his last words were “I deserve better”.


One comment

  1. 1mp3rial 永仁 · June 18, 2012

    Love your writing! 😀

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