People pride themselves on a lot of things.

Looks, brains, curvature of some muscles, non-curvature of other muscles and sometimes even the pain-taking capacity of a third set of muscles.

But, the worst kind of hubris that human-kind practises has to be putting a price tag on oneself.

How can we, puny, unreliable humans that we are, look another person in the face and spit out a random number without dissolving into helpless convulsions of laughter?

Because, at the very least, the person across the table will ask you –

Do you really deserve that?

And who can answer that question without experiencing roman-catholic levels of guilt.

At the worst, they will not ask that question.

They will state a fact: You do not deserve that much.


And then where will you be?


In my most lucid, self-conscious moments, this is a question which keeps coming back to me.

Who put me on a scale, weighed and calculated, every gram of me and said, I deem thee worth so-and-so per month?

And then I relax, because this ‘who’ solves everything.

I didn’t put a price on myself. Market-forces did.


Not my fault. (I knew the MBA would come in handy some day.)


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