Acquired skill

There is a basic understanding which is needed between dancers. There is the same music, the same steps and same tempo.

But one pair is so much better at it than the other.

It is what they call ‘chemistry’.

Or some such thing.

It is so nebulous. A magical thing, which cannot be controlled by man.

Or can it be?

I believe chemistry is an acquired skill.

Sometimes, you feel a rush for a few minutes and its fireworks. But that is about it.

And sometimes, you think you two are parts of separate universes, and it turns out to be the same planet.

But if you’re smart enough, and can create a conversation net and are more than half awake during a friendly argument, you can create chemistry,

It is so easy to fake. I wonder why people create such a fuss over it.

Work at it hard enough and you can make anyone fall in love with you. Or make anyone feel like a king among men, or make a man feel like a man (which is the most difficult thing of it all).

You just need the right words.

No wonder Scheherazade survived.


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