Fool me twice.

I am ashamed.

There is a very clear difference between the smart and the not-so-smart.

You think that after all the education that people go through, and the lessons which experience is purported to have taught them, and the bumps and the bruises which mark their passage through life, they would realize that there is no such thing as a decent* deal.

*(Decent- a wonderfully ambiguous term used to describe so many things by us Indians.  Bahut decent aadmi hain.)

They would realize that sooner or later, the fine print would show itself and the hidden costs would be revealed, and there would be hell to pay.

But they don’t.

They continue to be dazzled by new promises and recycled words. They continued to get teary-eyed with clichéd gestures and make insane attempts of reconciliation. They continue living in the polarized world of hope and disappointment.  They continue to be blind. And thus, they get termed as not-so-smart.

I am ashamed that I still hope. I should have been smart.


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