Affairs of the heart.

She got out of the car, and as usual I waited for her to turn back and wave goodbye.

And even after ten years, I still felt the same pang of an instinctive loneliness, as I saw her walk away.

There was a wonderful intimacy we shared. I was fortunate to have her. Most people do not get to have a soulmate, and even though I thought the whole concept was ridiculous, I knew that life without her would not really be the same. There was a depth to us. And as a man, I would be ridiculed for liking the conversation in the relationship, but well, I was past the time when only the mechanical part of it appealed to me.

So, she walked away, and before that, she did turn back.

That moment of pure joy for me. Her need for me, as clearly reflected as mine for her.

And now that the relevant part of my day was over, I drove back home. The wife was waiting.


One comment

  1. floydianbrahman · December 17, 2011

    This is the killer – “now that the relevant part of my day was over”.
    Makes it deeper yet funnier at the same time. A simple and elegant comic pitch achieved. Great read 😉

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