Passing over

I am wondering. About dead relationships. Let’s take a scenario. A girl and a boy have a little fling. It reaches its end or is about to. Then they meet other people, through other people or through each other. This meeting of other people is fraught with danger. Especially if its a mutual friend. There are bound to be problems. Of course jealousy. But there is also a sense of finality which is not there in breakups otherwise. Which makes it sad. I think the only reason people would hunt so close to an erstwhile home is that they no longer consider it worth protecting. I hope this is not the case. I hope it is not that you are being passed from one shell to another with a beautiful relationship being buried. Otherwise, the wistfulness of life will disappear. The sedate waiting for a joy you know you deserve, the short fun, the belonging of a few minutes. I would not want to lose all of that to gain loose change. Sadly, the decision is not even mine to make.


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