The Shadow People

Monday, 4 April, 2011 at 22:29

A day or two of random conversations. A night or two spent together. And then, done. Its a habit. This un-connectedness. The two-three days are a necessary and sufficient condition.

You cherish it, this paucity of time.

Beautifully convenient.  Those people who come and go through life. For a day or two – the random romances, torrid night outs, an hour or two even. There is a beauty to it. A shadow beauty. They are there, but only as long you are out in the sun. They come and go, and they might be interesting for a while, but they do not intrude. It is just so convenient. And it is so awesome to use that word, because it rules almost everything nowadays.

This is for all the shadow people in my life. They made me stronger, made me feel beautiful, made me have a little more fun than I might have had otherwise, and contrary to society’s mores, they emphatically did not take a piece of me.

I’m glad enough to admit to the shadows in my life. They are dark corners maybe, but they are also the play of the sun on tousled sheets and thoughts that pop, which otherwise won’t have.


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