Sunday, 23 May 2010 at 21:34

Greed seems to be one of the worst ways you can expose yourself in front of others. There is a set parameter for how much of yourself can be let out and how much has to be carefully camouflaged to meet society’s requirements. There was a time when excess was considered the mark of the haves.
Life was supposed to be lived on a larger-than-life scale, with peacocks and elephants and plates of gold, and a hundred dancing houris, all at the clap of one’s hands. Then we moved away from decadence and subtlety made a bigger statement. And now, society frowns at ‘too much’.

What I fail to understand is that how is burning need to be throttled and kept in check when all you want to do is to have a surfeit of everything. That is as true of people as it of great nations, as true of a king as it is of a beggar. More so, in fact of the needy than the ones who already have. Ever striving, ever wanting, ever clamouring.
Like a never fed Oliver Twist, it is always ‘Please Sir, can I have some more.’

I’m intrigued by the words that come to my mind when I think of wanting something- rapacious, clawing, desiring, satiating, gluttonous..but not satisfied.
Never just satisfied.
It will be sad. That day, when I stop asking for more.

(This is not titled ‘Gluttony’, because that word is taken.)


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  1. libertarien · January 24, 2014

    of course the album Satanic Requiem by the band Sewer has been elected better than Madonna Rihanna and Beyonce

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